In case you missed it, I invite you to set your doubts aside and see why I believe that we have found the ONE training that you have been waiting for. I manage 74 clients each month and share my knowledge each Tuesday at 8 pm est with my members. Within 1 hr mastermind training, you will be able to do it yourself. 


The “Dynamite” Sales tool that instantly grabs the attention of local business owners and converts prospects to cash sales in minutes. It finds and targets business owners who already spend money on advertising. Includes LTJ Enterprise + Lead Finder Jack - Cloud.


Get access to 280+ complete, ready-to-go, one-click-install, local niche websites and videos. Sites are tested and optimized for Google AdWords. No coding or tech ability required.


WPGateway simplifies website hosting. It provides fast secure hosting for non-technical gurus. It uses High-Speed Amazon SSD  business reliable servers. Includes website security with 57 layers of protection to keep your sites safe from hackers.

Business Directory 

New business directory platform with DFY intelligence. Easy Directory Pro has made it so simple for you to set up a Business Directory in just a few clicks to quickly get the results you want. Easier than any other platform.


Discover the emailing platform with DEDICATED Email Server and Artificial Intelligence! Email Marketing is the single most powerful, most cost-effective, and most convincing method of online advertising. SENDEAGLE - EMAIL LIKE A BOSS. Start Today!…


The Call Portal lets you track phone calls from a Website, PPC, SEO, Facebook, print, and more, to determine the most effective marketing channels. You can also forward and track calls to any landline or cellular line… and much more.

New Local Ads Academy

New 2021 Local Ads Certified Academy will give you a clear, step-by-step process for making $10,000 per month by acquiring quality Local Business clients, and shows you how to manage their Google Ads. No other course can compare.


Rapify is the new drag & drop website platform that builds lucrative multi-page local business websites -- with content -- for you!


  • Victoria

    "Hello Jack,

    You are one of a kind, and I want you to know that I appreciate you!

    You are so cool in your attitude, as well as in giving your time and energy in the training.

    Thanks a bunch!"

  • Matthew Foran 

    "Hi, Jack.

    You don't know me. But, I'm a customer, and have been on your mailing list for a long time.

    I like you because you're real. And, you try to help other people.

    Speaking of value, I think more people than you may realize count on you for the only motivation. With so much bad stuff that comes into our inbox, you have to continue. People, real live people, like me, need your help to maybe have a chance.

    Take care and thanks"

  • Sanou Fukui 

    "Wow I have to write a SUPER HUGE thank you to Jack Hopman for his untiring and awesome support to his clients especially us Enterprise clients which that is the only way to go with Local Theme Jack with the excellent SUPPORT and the one to one Support (which btw is almost unheard of online nowadays) Thank you Jack Hopman for handling and taking care of 3 issues in one week! Jack Hopman is a man of his word and his products are superior as he knows as he is in the trenches with us and speaks from a place of authority and knowledge. Thank you for being so knowledgeable and sharing with us. I am so glad that I am an Enterprise member as the superior customer service is true you do receive head of the line service. Jack you have really restored my faith in a lot of things online you are a Scholar and a Gentleman."

  • Nick CIfonie

    "I could run my business without Jack's tools but it would be SO much more work! We have used Jack's
    tracking numbers and Lead Tracker Jack for over a year, and they're an important part of our system.

    Unlike some software programs that are released and the creator disappears a month later, Jack has
    not only stood behind his products with support when we needed it, but he's updated them and made
    them better! Jack's programs help us make money, period!"

  • Petra Rentrop

    "I would like to say how much I love using this builder...

    I've used several WordPress builders in the past and yours is by far the best for stability and flexibility of them all.

    I've been building websites as a freelancer since 2008 and your website builder has taken my business to the next level with all of the time-saving features.

    I know I'm not even using it to its full capacity, so I want to learn more about it. All of your tools have been amazing, I so appreciate all that you do Jack!"

  • Bob Mankin

    Jack, just had to drop a note to say thank you once again.

    You continue to amaze with your drive to over deliver on both the value of your products and the ongoing support.

    Far, far too many of the "drop it and run" types in the IM space who put out rehashed alpha grade product and then run from development and support.

    Yours is a very refreshing and different experience."

  • Michael Suggs

    “Dear Jack,

    A quick note to let you know how much I appreciate your Support Desk and especially Kelly. Kelly is always professional, very quick in replying to my questions, and Kelly’s answers are always right on and very detailed.

    In my 10 years of online experience, I can confidently say that the professionalism and quick response time of Kelly and your Support Desk are unsurpassed.

    So refreshing and such a pleasure to be working with you and your Team!”

  • J.D.

    "Hi Jack.....I don't know if this email will reach in good time....but I have to truly say...out of all of the marketers I have encountered over the many years of dabbling and trying different things...YOU yes u jack are by far the true meaning of developing that relationship with your subscribers like no other....I so much wish yourself and your family a very special and very happy new year....thanks Jack"

  • Mary Theresa McLean

    "Jack, I'm ready to buy Local Theme Jack, Lead Finder Jack and Call Tracker Jack.

    I have thoroughly researched your Local Theme Jack and Lead Finder Jack HA and am really impressed by the products and by your professionalism.

    PS. I really love your twice weekly trainings. You have a special gift for what you're doing."

  • Teo Henry

    "Hi Jack,

    I wanted to first say I really appreciate your responses to all my questions. I don't think I have ever received support like that, so thank you very much. Thanks."

  • Gregory

    "I want to thank you for providing a wonderful product that allow me to make my first ever check online/offline.

    I'd purchase many mobile website software and WordPress theme but could never monetize theme, or understand how to leverage the products! :(

    However your software has given me the confidence and tools to pursue this business aggressively and strategically!
    Even though I used the first theme incorrectly I monetized it the hard way!

    By me tuning into your webinars I realized my mistake and has now sold my second theme (painters) by doing it the easy way correct way:-)! THANKS AGAIN FOR BEING AWESOME!"

  • Terry Palma

    "Jack, what you have provided for all your members is a fantastic opportunity with your Local Business Websites. Your training and support are of the highest quality there is. Also, the tool (Lead Finder Jack) you have provide us with make our initial job of finding potential clients quite easy.

    Thank you in advance for listening,"

  • John

    "Hi Jack

    Just wanted to say thank you for all your webinars and the support that you give your customers. I don't normally attend your webinars as where I am it is normally 2.00 -3.00am.

    What I really appreciate is that you always send replays of your webinars. The replays are a huge help because if you don't understand something you can back track and play it over and over again until you do understand it. Your Q&A webinar on 07 December 2014 was extremely informative, it taught me so much.

    Once again thank you for all that you are doing, it's a pity that the IM world doesn't have more like you. Best regards"

  • Tod Hulse

    "A little success story. 2 or 3 weeks ago I purchased Local Theme Jack and went to a business that had been hinting to get a website up. I sold them the theme and did very little seo optimizing set up a google maps for them and helped optimize the google + page. Today I was able to report to my customer they are in the 7 pack for there business maps and have multiple keywords ranking from page 1 to 4. Was the purchase worth the money? Yes but what is even more valuable is the training and support Jack Hopman offers. The webinars and support that he provided helped me get this customer the results he wants and money in my pocket. Thanks for local theme jack and everything else you provide."

  • John Manzanet

    "Jack Hopman This is thanks to you. So I have been asking for the General contractor site because I had a prospect... So having the niche in our arsenal gave me the confidence to present tonight.. So I am either going to get her the General Contractor Niche Site or the Residential Contractor Niche site.. But either way,the site was sold tonight for $1399 with $699 Reputation Marketing Set up fee and I added 1 Video for $100 and giving her for FREE 2 more Videos with Optimization, and I was going to charge them $25 an article for content for Kitchen Contractor or General Contractor Articles, but waiving the cost. So total contract is for $2198 and I'll be picking up a check tomorrow morning for $1100 and the rest when I deliver the website and the videos. I'll post a picture tomorrow. This client was a referral from a group that I'm in. 2nd referral sale in 7 days. If I didn't have the ability to deliver a website like the ones we have here in Local Theme Jack, I wouldn't have had the confidence to get the whole sale. Thank you once again Jack Hopman and your team for creating such a great product that is easy to use and deliver. Muchas Gracias!"

  • Clive Bulmer

    "Dear Jack, Thank you do much for your email, very much appreciated. It's refreshing to engage with the creator of a outstanding product and for you to kindly take the time to talk with me. Unfortunately as you know there are a lot of creators that sell products and all they think about is just the money. "

  • H.B.

    "Thank you so much Jack, I am so happy to have purchased your product, i am working to putting together some sales people and offering them percentage of each sale. This is reason i was asking if there would be available a website for offering the the product, again thank you for a wonderful product, I have been working looking for something like this and has come at a the right time for me as I recently lost my mum and the opportunity your product gives has been just what i needed to again get motivated back into the business, again a sincere thank you :)"

  • Victoria

    "I would like to thank you for all the training you have provided which are above and beyond the normal call to duty. You have an excellent company with quality products, good employees, and service. I value your opinions.

    Thank you, 
    Patrick Edwards"

  • Victoria

    "Jack, I wanted to share how much I am loving my business directory site (sitakeout.com). I have been looking for a good template to use for my business and found it with your product. The simplicity of the site and clean look is what I wanted. I also enjoy working with your team; specifically, Akshika. I've requested some changes and enhancements to address specific needs for the site and she has been a joy to work with. She is always receptive to my ideas and available when I have a question. I hope to be launching the site very soon and anticipate it will be a huge success. Thank you!

    Joe Velez!"

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