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Sales Dynamite

The “Dynamite” Sales tool that instantly grabs the attention of local business owners and converts prospects to cash sales in minutes. It finds and targets business owners who already spend money on advertising. Includes LTJ Enterprise + Lead Finder Jack - Cloud.

LTJ Enterprise

Get access to 250+ complete, ready-to-go, one-click-install, local niche websites and videos. Sites are tested and optimized for Google AdWords. No coding or tech ability required.

Easy Invoicing Pro

You can’t grow a business without an easy means to invoice and get paid, right? You’re 5 minutes away from being able to collect recurring and one-time payments online from local businesses. Includes numerous professional invoice templates.


WPGateway simplifies website hosting. It provides fast secure hosting for non-technical gurus. It uses High-Speed Amazon SSD (Solid State Drives) business reliable servers. Includes website security with 57 layers of protection to keep your sites safe from hackers.


Discover the emailing platform with artificial intelligence! Email Marketing is the single most powerful, most cost-effective and most convincing method of online advertising. SENDEAGLE - EMAIL LIKE A BOSS.

Local AdWords Academy

Local Adwords Academy is a clear, step-by-step Google Adwords training. It will show you how to set up Google Adwords Accounts and how to manage them. You can make $10,000 per month by acquiring quality Local Business clients, who are in need of your services and keep paying for it month after month. No other course can compare. Sign up now!

Call Tracking

The Call Portal lets you track phone calls from a Website, PPC, SEO, Facebook, print, and more, to determine the most effective marketing channels. You can also forward and track calls to any landline or cellular line… and much more. Start calling like a boss.

Lead Finder Jack

This amazing software called Lead Finder Jack - Desktop gets tons of high paying leads for many businesses,  automatically discovers Google Maps listing errors, and much more...